Soprano Saxophone

Selmer Paris Series III Jubilee Black Lacquer

Selmer Paris Series III Jubilee Black Lacquer

I needed a soprano for my regular Tuesday night band, but didn’t have much money. I was able to purchase a Chinese made horn on EBay for $250, and it plays surprisingly well – but I’ve had problems with it since the metal is soft and construction leaves a lot of room for improvement – so it doesn’t stay in adjustment very long. It also isn’t very well in tune with itself over the range of the instrument. I need something better.

Another opportunity came up for a Yamaha YSS-475, which is a decent student horn – but I could only afford a used one from a pawn shop that arrived completely unplayable and although I’ve spent many hours working on it, I haven’t been able to get it in good enough shape to replace my Chinese horn. It would cost at least $500-750 to have it overhauled by my instrument technician. I don’t have the cash.

I love the soprano – and desperately desire a GREAT, not a compromise horn. I always come back to Selmer – although I’ve owned and played other excellent instruments, I’m a Selmer saxophone guy.

Selmer Paris Series III Jubilee Silver Plated

Selmer Paris Series III Jubilee Silver Plated

I haven’t tried a curved soprano, but the Chinese one has a curved neck, which puts my hands in a much more comfortable position than a straight neck.

My two picks in order of preference would be the Selmer (Paris) (I’d be happy with an older Super Action 80 as long as it was in good adjustment) and the Yamaha Custom. I had a Yamaha soprano years ago which was loaned to me by Jackie McLean and it was a nice horn. I still prefer Selmer.

Selmer Super Action 80 Soprano

Selmer Super Action 80 Soprano

Yamaha-Saxophone-YSS-82ZRB-Silver Plated

Yamaha-Saxophone-YSS-82ZRB-Silver Plated

Yamaha-Saxophone-YSS-82ZRB- Black Lacquer

Yamaha-Saxophone-YSS-82ZRB- Black Lacquer

We NEED HEAT – Update: New furnace installed

Update: This wish was fulfilled and we installed a new boiler. Mother passed away in January 2013, and we’ve moved to a new house.

This house has no heat and it is getting cold. We need a new boiler.

Lily (my Mom) is still in the nursing home and we are working out the plans and details for her to transfer back here – but one thing that is absolutely required is HEAT.

Let it hereby be known we seek an oil burner!

We have no heat

We need a new boiler

Interesting Update

You know I created this blog as a kind of joke – sort of a toss a coin in the well and make a wish idea…

We’re on our second new car. Both were leased. We didn’t get a Volvo but we’ve had two really great Hondas. We miss our Volvo but we are certainly grateful to have a new and reliable vehicle to commute and get around in.

We left the City and moved up the country baby. We’ve yet to pain our mailbox blue. But here we are.

There is even a lovely little river across the street we can skate on… but its much nicer just to look at from my home office window.

When people focus on things, they happen. Not always exactly according to plan – but the basics are: Focus on real goals. Stay focused on them.  Focus on the goose and not the golden egg.

Peace and health to you this new year…


An Elecraft K3 – Wish Fulfilled with a Kenwood TS-590s

Update: I was able to sell a baritone saxophone I wasn’t using and purchased a Kenwood TS-590s, an excellent radio.

I was an avid radio hobbyist as a child and young teen. I used to communicate with people all over the world using morse code (CW) and voice.

I got back into my hobby full throttle back in the summer of 2010, and my current callsign is K1DNR – a shortened version of my original callsign KA1DNR.

I’m enjoying the peaking solar cycle we are in and talking to people from China to Antarctica nightly from the station in my home. I’ve built my own antennas and am studying antennas and transmission lines via correspondance with a very knowledgable technical friend in Australia.

I enjoy the math and engineering aspects as much as I enjoy the operating aspects of making contacts all over the world. I enjoy using morse code (CW) most of all – and I’m proficient at 30 wpm.

I currently use a Yaesu FT-857D mobile radio with an amplifier and my home made antennas. The radio itself isn’t very good for the distance work and competitive nature of getting through to the most rare stations. The receiver isn’t great, and the controls are very small and the menus very cryptic – so it is hard to use it for long periods of time without getting fatigued or frustrated.

The Elecraft K3 is considered the dream radio amoung many CW enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. It has a great receiver, multiple filtering options, and is laid out well.

An Office

I spent five years working for a privately held translation and localization firm in NYC. I had my own office with a beautiful view of the East Side and windows that went from nearly the floor to the ceiling. When guests came over, like my in-law’s, I could show them our conference room, with a stunning view of the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the World Trade Center Towers when they still existed.

I now work in a slightly different capacity for a very different kind of company. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve been supporting something special. I like it there.

But I now sit at a quasi cubicle, on the interior, with no windows at all. This is really the only part of of my current employment that kinda sucks. Plus, I’m in a high traffic area – and for an IT person – especially an IT person who has to actually focus and concentrate on anything this is especially difficult. Just when I’m putting the finishing touches on some new script or Cisco project, someone walks up and needs a Blackberry configured. Or one of my colleagues needs some advice or a hand with something. I get kinda pissy sometimes.

Sometimes I just wish I had that office again where I could close the door and just focus on what I have to focus on. Or just space for a little while and look out the window.

So Charles Socci would very much like an office again someday.

Then there is the question of that raise.

Photo – 2004: my son Alex in my old office at 3 Park.


Years back I had a Leica M6. Besides the phenomenal lenses and “leica look” and feel, it was ultra quiet and stealthy. It didn’t scream, “HEY! LOOK AT ME… I’M TAKING PICTURES!!!!”

Not having the time to slave over scanning film, I’m all digital these days. But Leica has an option. I don’t want to give up my loud and arrogant SLR, but Charles Socci longs to carry the sexy little Leica in his day bag once again.